Thursday, 31 January 2013

Mind in Neutral, Body in Gear

That’s what my Dad would call it when we were aimless and distracted. And that is what I have been this past little while.
Saturday I had my first weekend off all month and was ready to get some quilting done. I headed off to the sewing room and it decided to tidy first. Halfway through tidying I found the blocks I had been collecting for the new grandbaby of my BFF. A quick text to her confirmed that the birth is only a few weeks away. Time to get in gear on this one. I had planned on doing an Ami Simms pattern from the book I got and it needed 126 light blocks. So I started cutting.
cutting tableAnd soon fabric was everywhere again.
But even going through all my bins, I could only come up with 66 light blocks. So I decided to change patterns.
newspyHad enough to do this one which uses both 2.5” and 3.5” blocks. Ended up cutting down my 4.5 blocks but with no regrets because I used all those slivers in these.
Which Bonnie would call crumb piecing, Ami calls OTF borders (off the floor) and was so much fun to do it should be illegal. With all this activity poor Thomas remains un-sandwiched.


  1. Hey Mary, I liked what you said" so much fun it should be illegal", I get that feeling a lot when I do my random sewing thing too. It is sooo much fun and non of the anxiety of fussy , point matching type sewing! The baby quilt looks like a lot of fun too all those I spy fabs! cheers, Claire W.