Thursday, 24 January 2013

New Editor

Trying a new approach to writing my blog. One of the bloggers I follow , Lane at, mentioned that he uses Windows Live Writer to compose his blogs. Always willing to try something new, I’ve fired up the program and giving it a try-out
While watching quiltcam tonight I worked on piecing a back for the Thomas quilt. And then, while straightening up papers, I glanced at the pattern and realized I had forgotten to do the side borders. The pattern called for a 4.5” at the top and bottom in blue and then in red on the sides. However, I had purchased some fabric with railroad tracks on it to use in this quilt and hadn’t figured out a place to use it yet, so it now has tracks running up the sides.
Started laying out the back pieces in a four-patch setting but with the new sides it is going to have to be 5 blocks by 6.
I think the balloon fabric is going to have to go, just doesn’t fit.
Now to see how this loads the post.


  1. Hey Mary, I don't think I've seen the Tomas quilt in full view?! My youngest (now 19) loved Thomas the Tank! Is that Fun with Dick and Jane Fab on the back. That is some cute kid Fabs there! cheers, Claire W.

    1. I'll try and get a full picture. It is hard in the hallway maybe if I lay it down in the living room. Love my Dick and Jane.