Wednesday, 23 January 2013

my new fabrics

Last Friday evening I missed quiltcam.  This was a disappointment but I had my in-laws over for dinner. And somehow I couldn't see them understanding why I had to go watch someone sew. But they did brighten my day by bringing me fabric from their trip.  batik from tahiti. Will I have enough nerve to cut it.


  1. Ohhh I just want to give that cute kitty a big smooch! Think he approves of that beautiful fabric! One of my cats dashed into my sewing room, thank goodness I have my Easy Street in another room waiting for me to quilt it. I do like the Railroad tracks border, but you're right it doesn't seem to fit your quilt now with the back blocks. Good luck and Happy Sewing and Quilting

    :-Dee another Easy Street Mystery woman

  2. Thanks Dee Cee, I would give him a smooch but he was in a place he shouldn't have been - on my dining room table. Just showing off for the camera, such a ham.

  3. nice fabric, always a good gift...LOL; just got a package myself from quilted crow, jo morton's spice market and toasted FQs...gorgeous