Friday, 15 November 2013

Caveat Emptor

(or.. don’t buy on-line after 2 glasses of wine.)

The entire trip to the east coast I was searching fabric stores. Not only for fabrics for the new mystery but also for a particular space fabric I wanted to be the focus fabric in a Many Trips Around the World.  I had the idea to use it in the same place, every block and make X’s. Since the quilt I wanted to do this in is actually two quilts I figured I needed more than I had. However, no one had any of this through all four states and one province. After the last quilt store we went to in N.S., either my dear hubby or my sister-in-law (I forget which, see above 2 or more glasses of wine)  asked if I had searched on-line. Nope, hadn’t, thought it would be more fun to track it down on foot. So we looked, and found it, same designer, same name, ordered it.

It came this week. Not the same. What arrived was almost the same. But what I wanted was called “Blast Off”, what I got was “Final Frontier”. Same background, no space ships. I looked on the website again. They have both fabrics, and have called both “Blast Off”.  DH wants me to call and complain. I’ve got a feeling I didn’t look close enough the night I ordered and just saw the name and clicked buy.

I’ve started the blocks using what I had on hand


Not sure you can see enough of the space ships to warrant the effort to get the right fabric.

Blast Off on the Left, Final Frontier on the right, you can see how easy a mistake it would be .



  1. Hey Mary, The dark fabric diagonals look great and (of course) I love the orange and green together! lol. And as for shopping online when feeling a little warm and fuzzy, I can certainly sympathise. That goes along with not going shopping to costco when you are really hungry (you will come home with all kinds of stuff you can't possibly consume before it goes bad) or trying to quilt after dinner where you have consumed similar amounts of spirits! lol Anyway keep sewing and the fabric will come, right?! cheers, CW

    1. Thanks for stopping by Claire. Totally agree on the Costco, and yes the fabric is coming, coming out my ears right now.