Monday, 18 November 2013

Time to do some Math

I’m sure there are lots of girls who hated that proclamation by teachers. I was not one of the haters, and in fact was  pretty good at math.  So figuring out how much fabric I need isn’t usually a problem. The problem usually is that I haven’t taken the time to do the math. I’ve gotten lazy. Scrappy quilts don’t require calculation. Run out of fabric? Ha. Doing Crayon Box or Scrappy Trips just means pulling out the stash of 2.5” strips and cutting them into the required length. 

But then we come to the “pink quilt”. This project is only two colours and needs yardage. So the question became exactly how much  did I need. Found a really easy double 4 patch pattern posted by Mary Johnson and started crunching numbers. At first I thought a 5 X 7 setting but that needed 40 inches of fabric. Ended up with 5 X 5 so far and maybe another row to make.babypinks2

While I was calculating, decided to crunch some numbers for the Nine Patch top. Several people commented on how big it was going to be so thought I’d verify their opinions. Yep,they were right,  gonna be a big one. The block on point measures 6.5’’ which set 8 across would be 52 inches. So maybe I could divide the blocks into two quilts. RaggedyNine

Raggedy Nine Patches Number One ready to assemble.

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