Friday, 8 November 2013

Home, at last

We actually arrived Wednesday night but since we drove in almost exactly 9 hours before I was due at work, have not had a moment to breathe let alone write. And I only have an hour before taking off for work today.  DH likes to travel until the very end of vacation, squeezing every possible moment out of our time.  As rushed as it seems to come back and hit the ground running to work, I’m glad I picked up these extra shifts.

If any trip fitted the definition of F.A. T. this was it. We did fabric acquisition every chance we got. A stop at JoAnne’s, Keepsake Quilting, two stops at Marden, a Fabricville, a Walmat and the Stitch N Post in Marion Bridge


And what we didn’t buy, was gifted to me by my sister and sister-in-law.  Now just have to get through work so I can start sewing.

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  1. Oh Mary, Looks like a lot of fun!! Where do you find the energy?! I hope you get a chance to sew soon. cheers, CW