Monday, 16 December 2013

Mystery Monday Link-Up #3

My body is slow and stiff this morning, hopefully my mind is functioning better. So far I’ve dropped the curved washer from my rotary cutter ( and haven’t found it yet) and burnt the shape of my iron on the ironing board pad (forgot the iron was sitting face down when I turned on the power bar).

Enough of that, on to progress on Adirondack Autumn.  I didn’t think I’d gotten much done until I assembled it all for a photo shoot.


Considering that I was only doing the clue one pieces as leader and enders,  a good enough progress. The tray of cut pieces shows 30 orange and 30 neutral left to sew. In the plastic bins are the yellow and neutral squares for clue two and counting I see I’ve managed to mark 80 yellows for sewing, however the greens are still in strips in front. And the strips for clue three are stacked waiting further cutting.

Progress was made on the Scrappy Rocket Trips. One is almost finished quilting005.

And number two is ready to sandwich.

20131214_153259I just need to splice some batting, it ended up 6” too narrow.  Plus the two pink quilts were presented to pleased parents/grandparents.


The other Scrappy Trips is washed and ready to send out, but that’s enough pictures for today. Oh ok, here it is but don’t look at the mess in my kitchen


The mess is how I’ve been able to get so much done. Haven’t done any housework all week. Dear Hubby has been awesome with pitching in and helping ( including quilt holding) but I’ve promised everyone in the house that as soon as these two scrappy trips are finished a major clean-up will be done.

So that’s my week, I’m linking up with Bonnie's Mystery Monday to see what everyone else has done.


  1. These are great! What awesome sewing progress, and love all your quilts. Gotta run and do some of my own clean up after working all weekend (nightshift) I tend to let things pile up, but if I wanna get some sewing done I've just got to stop my blog reading for now. Glad to finish up here with you though. Such inspiration...thank you!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I hear ya, reading all these blogs really cuts into my sewing time but it is so exciting to see all the different fabrics coming together

  2. Hey Mary, I just love those Scrappy trips!!! Great colors! The pattern really lends itself to those alternateing lights/ darks/ brights etc. Holiday sewing is stressful. It's nice that your family is so understanding! Happy Holidays, Cheers, CW

    1. Thanks Claire. I seem to thrive on these deadlines and time constraints, without them I never finish.

  3. I have days when nothing seems to fall into place, like your iron and the cutter washer. But your quilts look great! Hope you find that washer soon, Bonnie probably has lots more cutting in store for us.

    1. ThanksVireya, I did find it, under the cutting table and the rest of the day went well. I'm sure she has lots more cutting, I know I have lots more fabric waiting. Thanks for stopping by