Monday, 9 December 2013

Second Monday Link Up

Well, here we go, another week over and what have we done?  Not a lot on Celtic, but quite a lot on other projects.
First the Celtic Solstice, although I was going to call mine Adirondack Autumn, I keep forgetting to refer to it that way.
second link up 001
 A grand total of 38 orange and 50 neutrals done and only 2 of the chevrons pieced.  I’ve been using the orange and neutrals for leaders and enders of the Scrappy Trips project I have underway.  Which now has a total of 26 done of the 48 blocks needed.  Not very speedy progress. Especially considering I blithely assured the  co-worker it would be ready next week. Time to ramp up the production line.
second link up 002
So I have all the strips lined up ready to go, time to do some chain piecing. I’ve been too casual only doing one at a time.  (stack at upper left is completed blocks bottom is strip sets ready to slice)
On the edge of the table is another project that is almost finished, ready to sew down the binding.
second link up 008
While downstairs, the first Scrappy Trips is finished being quilted and has one side left to hand sew on the binding.
And in the washer as I type is the Pink Double 4 patch, all done.
second link up 007

Once these get finished, I can focus more on Adirondack Autumn. I haven’t even really started cutting Clue number two. What I did sew was pulled from the pre-cut 2” bin and a stack of yellow squares left over from previous projects. second link up 006
This is what I have so far before going into the fabrics pulled for Autumn. Obviously not enough variety so I will be cutting, there is only one yellow strip. But it was enough to get an idea of the block and that will do for now.  Linking up with the rest of the Bonniaces  at Quiltville


  1. You have been very busy! Nice job!

    1. Thanks for the visit and comment.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Nan, and thanks for stopping by.

  3. I love it, we are Bonniacs! Good luck with finishing up your scrappy trip. I have one I started awhile back and need to get back to!

    1. Wish I could take credit for the "Bonniacs" but saw it on Facebook , on the Solstice group and totally loved it. These scrappy trips are just so fun and so much easier than the bargello.