Monday, 23 December 2013

Mystery Monday Link UP #4

Here we are at week four and the mystery continues. There has been lots of speculation on F/B over the block layout. This is not my attempt to guess the layout, merely aiming for a more interesting picture than the stacks of finished units. 001
I worked on a little bit of every clue Friday. Not as much done Sat & Sun as I was working at my day job.  Very exciting times Sunday with the ice storm we experienced. Here at the house we hardly had any power interruption, a brief flicker if anything. 
However at work Sunday, just as we finished shift change report and headed out to start our morning of washing and dressing, the power went out and we switched over to the back-up generators. Which only give light and power to the hallways, not the patient’s rooms. After a brief scramble to ensure that those with air beds got juice for their beds ( extension cords from the hall plugs) and those with oxygen tanks got switched to their portable battery powered units, we proceeded to go about our business with flashlights and an hour later were feeding them a cold breakfast. Shortly after breakfast, the power was back.
While working on these units I have been pondering what to do with the left-overs from the Scrappy Trips One of the downsides of doing this pattern is when cutting from yardage you can only get two 16” strips and then have a piece left of between 10- 12” depending on the width of fabric. As I was cutting I got to thinking that length gives enough for a nine patch.

This is the bin of strips. and my first project from them.  These are framed nine patches from a pattern Bonnie posted back in te summer.
My second idea is to do Boxy Stars that Bonnie just finished. Would have  to add some neutrals as this bin is mostly brights, but as the neutrals in Boxy Stars are squares, that should be easy to do. I have a whole stash of 2.5” squares, will just pull all the lights from them and off we go with Leaders and Enders.

Now I'm off to link up with Bonnie's Mystery Monday Link UP and see what everyone else has been doing.


  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog-that was encouraging. Have a Merry Christmas, Mary

  2. Your framed 9-patches look great - very bright and happy fabrics in them.

    I can hardly wait to see how Bonnie puts all these mystery parts together!