Sunday, 20 April 2014

Flippin’ Corners

Yes, I have been flipping my corners, not my lid.  That is  what all those 2” squares are for. And while 470 sounds like a lot of squares, doing a Bonnie Hunter pattern can use up a whole lot of them. And since I am doing several at once, I am in sore need of squares.

  For reasons that seemed perfectly logical at the time, I have started a “Jared Takes a Wife” quilt, as well as the Lozenge Leader/Ender Challenge of 2014.  Both need corners, a lot of corners. At the moment I have 110 lozenges cut, each needs 4 corners flipped – 440 squares needed, half black, half neutral. Jared needs 240 chevron units, those take a 2” at each end; 480 squares needed, half yellows, half neutrals. Just looking at those numbers makes me want to cut more.

I don’t have pictures of the Lozenges yet, too early to see anything but piles of fabrics, some with one corner sewn. But here is Jared taking shape.
 I’m glad I put a few together early on as it pointed out some spots where I needed to take more care in the light and dark separation.  It can be hard to tell, they look dark in my hand but aren’t really dark enough. And two of the yellows are fading into the plaid, I need more pop there.

In addition to flipping 2” corners, I have also been flipping some 2.5” as well. Looking at pictures on the Quiltville Open Studio page ( a very dangerous place to hang out - too many good ideas)  I got this idea to try a Smokey Mountains quilt with some of my 4.5” I Spy blocks.  The 4.5” squares I cut the other day were the spacers for that.
Not sure it is working out as well as it did in my head, and the lighter star corners really disappear into the background, but I’ll keep going with it. Maybe I can change some of the lighter fabrics.

Oh, yes, the HST that I cut. They are for the Leader and Ender challenge from last year, that I am still working on. So far only have 45 blocks done and need a whole lot more.

With all these Leader and Ender projects going, I’m not sure what my main project is any more.  Ah, that would be  the Baby Star quilt and I am putting the binding on it, right now, as soon as I get off the computer, really I can turn it off. Maybe I should post this first.

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