Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Resumption of Quilting Activity

Our visit by out of town family is over. Four days of dinners, drives, long talks and general catching up, ending with a drive to the airport yesterday.  And now I can return to my quilting but first a little cutting.  Why cutting? Because one of the long drives over the weekend was to JoAnne’s; where they had a 40% sale.  And I caved, succumbed, bent to the pressure of hurting wrists and fingers, and bought the Accuquilt Go!.   In addition to the basic machine I also got two dies, the 2.5” strip and the 2” squares. 
So today now that I have time to play with it, I set up in the dining room and went to work.
With two tables to spread out on, and an ironing station to tame any unruly pieces, I cut all afternoon.
Final total:
2.5” strips: 105
2.5” squares: 86
2.5” HST: 105
2” sq. : 470
4.5” sq: 58

And a very happy quilter.


  1. What are you going to do with all those cut pieces, Mary?? I've been kind of skeptical about the Accuquilt. Another gadget or useful tool? Let us know over time how it works for you. It looks like; so-far-so good? Have fun, cheers, CW