Thursday, 10 April 2014

Spring Cleaning

Dear Hubby pointed out last night that I hadn’t posted in a while, and I retorted that no one wanted to hear about my spring cleaning marathon,  which is what it feels like I have been doing .  But that is not fair, there have been other things going on.  Like another machine. Like quilting on the Baby Star.
The machine was pure happenstance. Dear Son and I popped out Monday eve to drop off some stuff to the thrift store, and of course do a walk through. I headed right to the fabrics and notions where I spotted a baggie of threads, spools and spools of thread. That usually is a good indication that some one has dropped off their mom’s sewing stuff. And a great piece of neutral fabric. So headed down back to the furniture to see if there was a machine. Just an empty sewing cabinet.  Maybe they kept the machine. Did a walk through anyway and on another desk spied a white plastic case looking almost like a suitcase except on the handle it said Kenmore.
Isn’t that so cute, roses all over it and inside, a Kenmore 158.104520140407_172133

Just the sweetest little 3/4 size, solid metal, zig-zag.  With no foot pedal or power cord. I didn’t grab it and run, in fact checked out ( with the fabric and two more shirts to cut up) and came home and told my DH. Who immediately said “why didn’t you get it”.  I posted it on the facebook Vintage Machines group and they all said “grab it”.  So the next day, while I was working, hubby went and bought it. We drove to Niagara Falls to a sewing machine  store and he had a power cord/foot pedal combo that worked.  Happy ending

Best part - machine $23, foot $20 = grand total $43 !

The house cleaning has a happy ending also. Back in September when
my DD2 moved back home I posted a picture of my living room. Looking like this.

Well, now after considerable effort, it looks like this:
Still a little pile of stuff down to the left that needs to go ( especially that old TV) but I feel much better about it.  
And the Baby Star Quilt: 
Just need to quilt the border and put on the binding and it's ready to ship. But my quilting table are repurposed for the weekend to accommodate a family dinner so all is on hold.


  1. cute little machine mary.....and great job on the living room....looks great!

  2. What a fun 3/4 size machine, I want one! And your family room looks great! I love that star- in a star- in a star pattern. I'm going to put that on my list for the next kid quilt I need, thanks for the inspiration! cheers, CW