Monday, 21 April 2014

Slow Stitching on a Sunny Day

I was planning to write a post about how I hand stitched the binding on my Baby Star quilt today and even took pictures to illustrate it.

The my side-tracked self kick into high gear and I did about a hundred other things and didn’t go back to the binding. So I have only done half. First I had to take a picture of the other quilt I did of this pattern. Only this time I did it the way they intended it to be.
Right down to the directional print in the border.  So this one I can genuinely call by it’s given name “Zoo Parade”.
Then I got to thinking about the string blocks I was doing Saturday while we had a power outage ( in the middle of the afternoon on a bright and sunny day, no idea why, 30,000 without power).  While I was sewing , using the strings from the Accuquilt scraps, I was doing the 6.5” blocks for the Geese on a String. But there were a lot of neutrals and I have a 7.5” string block I am slowly working on for Pefferneuse from String Fling.  So I rounded up the papers for them and started some more treadling. Because that was what I had been sewing on during the power outage, my treadle.
  I’ve been using the paper pieced string blocks to practice the treadle. I didn’t seem to be getting better today even after several blocks and wondered why I was having so much trouble, then I noticed that the bobbin winder was engaged. Duh. Once I had that fixed, my speed improved and my take-off became much smoother.

Moved on to the hand crank later in the evening while watching some really ridiculous TV but no pictures.

So, I was slow stitching, all people powered, just not all by hand.
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  1. Thanks for sharing, you are not the only one who gets distracted and works I several things In a day

  2. How wonderful to see you are stitching on your treadle! And your baby quilt is adorable - enjoy finishing the binding! Thanks for linking up!

  3. It's really cool that you can stitch when the power is off! And your quilts are very pretty.