Saturday, 28 June 2014

Holiday Weekend

It is the first day of a holiday weekend here. Our Canada Day lands on Tuesday so everyone who can has booked off the Monday and is having a long, long weekend.  Due to our schedules, DH and I are not getting the full effect of this. He is on-call and has to keep his work phone on and actually answer it. I get the Sat & Sun but have to work Mon & Tues. What we did have on the agenda for today was the launch of our boat. Which happened bright and early this morning.100_3484
Bright being very appropriate, it was very sunny and we are both sorry we didn’t apply sunscreen. Here DH is getting everything set up. 100_3488

To get to us, the yard workers had to move trailers around first.

Then they pushed us on our trailer over to the big machine that lowers the boat into the water.
And before you know it, we are afloat. Motor on and over to the dock.

The rest of the day was spent on the fiddly bits of stuff that consume so much of boating. The sail isn’t even on yet! But just being there, on the water, was wonderful. 100_3521
Canada Goose pretending to be a Flamingo ( we weren’t fooled for a minute)

And now that feeling you get after a full day in the fresh air and sun is creeping in and some one, some where is having a really good fireworks. I’m too tired to even wonder where.