Friday, 6 June 2014

Playing Hookey

Or whatever it is called. When summer was so close and school so boring, we would take off and play in the sunshine. Or at least in my memory, possibly it only happened once. Dear Hubby and I did it yesterday.  He had to pick up a part from a marine store almost two hours away, in Port Dover.  So we made a day of it. Starting by returning the items to the Quilting Bee and exchanging for what I really wanted, since it was on the route we were taking.
Dear Son came along, so he could get a look at this.  A power boat he is considering.

After the marine store, an obligatory stop at a local landmark hot-dog stand that DH remembered from summers he worked in the area.

And a Golden Glow drink. Some 
sort of orange soft drink, very refreshing.

Such a beautiful sunny day.  The streets were full of teens in summer gear, heading for the beach. Which in this little town is right at the end of the main street.

 Then on the way home we found this guy, and tried to take selfies with him.
Unfortunately the sun in my eyes didn't help matters

All in all a very successful day trip and an escape from the desk/phone for DH.



  1. nice far are you from ME border?

  2. Looks like a fun way to spend a summery day! It is always interesting to go back to things familiar from our childhood. I often find they aren't the way I remember them at all.