Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Quilt Canada

was wonderful, I’m so glad I went.  Only a few  pictures, too busy to get many. The class I took was so absorbing and fascinating I even forgot to eat the chocolates I took.

100_3470 This is the picture that was a thumbnail for the class signup.

Pretty awesome,right




This is more along the lines of what I am trying to make.

And so far this is what I have done.




The class did what I wanted and much more. I was just looking to learn how to foundation piece with freezer paper.  The teacher, Gail Garber, showed us how to design our projects rather than just copy hers. The whole first day we didn`t even touch the sewing machines.



Which were lovely, new Janome`s. A real treat. I was so early the first day I managed to snag a table with only one machine, thinking it would be helpful to have the room. It was but on the other hand, wasn`t very sociable and meant I didn`t get to know my classmates as much as if we had been elbow to elbow for two days.

The displays of quilts were a fantastic as might be expected for a national show, no pictures of course. I did get some of the vendor mall before  diving into the shopping. 20140611_072445

And best of all, I got to thank  Matt Sparrow, the longarm quilter who quilted the tops I sent for the Calgary Flood Relief last year. He was here with the APQS booth. It was almost like a celebrity sighting. The first time through the mall, I was so surprised to see him. I had to go back three times before he was free to approach, it was such a busy booth.

Definitely putting going to Quilt Canada on my list of things to do again.


  1. So glad you had a lovely time! Can't wait to see your design progress, I've no doubt it will be awesome!

  2. Thanks Shari, I'll try and get a good picture of the pattern I drew and the other elements that are going into it.

  3. wow, looks like a wonderful class and project...will be watching for more....

  4. Hey Mary, great start! Looks like a lot of fun! In what city is Quilt Canada held? cheers, cw

    1. Don't think I answered this Claire, sorry about that. It was in my city this year (St. Catharines, Ontario) but next year will be in Lethbridge, Alberta.