Thursday, 6 August 2015

Trip to Iowa, part 1

I took my laptop with me on our trip with good intentions of blogging but then life happened. So I just focused on enjoying the experience and what an experience it was.

For starters, this was the first time I had been west through Michigan, Illinois, Iowa. So everywhere I looked were new sights to see. We even took a different route out of Canada which meant a new border crossing and a new bridge.
2015-07-27 15.32.532015-07-27 15.33.00
Picture taking from car windows is chancy,(as you can see by the big girder  that got in the way)  so I didn’t do a lot of it but here we are crossing from Sarnia Ontario, into Port Huron Michigan.

We stopped the first night in Kalamazoo, MI. Mostly so I could say I’d been to Kalamazoo, isn’t that a wonderful name
2015-07-27 20.20.10
This looks like we’re at the airport, but actually we’re in the parking lot of a fabric store. Where Hubby found out about the Row by Row experience and the licence plates. I hadn’t mentioned it because I was ambivalent about doing a Row by Row project.  But I did want a licence plate. Bummer, they were all sold out. 

The clerk said they were taking addresses and would mail me one if I bought it. So I did. And when we arrived home last night, it was waiting for me. Great service, Fields Fabrics.
2015-08-06 13.25.52

Hubby then became an enthusiastic plate collector and even tracked some down on his own. More late when I get pictures of the haul.

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