Saturday, 8 August 2015

West Union, Iowa


This picture perfect little town was our home base for 5 nights and 4 days.  And was it every picture perfect, starting with the courthouse almost directly across the street from the retreat studio. Continuing down the street to buildings that looked like they’d just stepped out of the 1880’s










 I just loved the brickwork on this one, and the next one, and the next.


Down the side streets was even more cuteness. Like this Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam swing.


Hubby and I weren’t staying at the sewing studio so I have no pictures of the upstairs although the girls said it was very nice. We were several blocks away in a hotel. Which I have no pictures of either. Instead I took pictures of the drive-in next door. And some of the customers. We liked it there so much we went twice.









And finally Bonnie and I in front of the studio/retreat centre on the very last day.


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  1. What is a drive-in? Is it a food place? ("Drive-in" would generally mean only a cinema here.)

    How fantastic to have been at Bonnie's workshop!