Friday, 7 August 2015

Trip to Iowa part 2

On day two of our trip we didn’t get very far from Kalamazoo ( Coloma to be precise)  before seeing a sign for an antique mall. We pulled in and spent some time looking around.
 I found these two machines,a Kenmore and a Singer,  very reasonably priced but not something I was willing to lug around while we were traveling. 
And lots of quilts to look at but once again they stayed behind.


This was a nice, embroidered state birds that only had 9 blocks. Maybe after nine she had  had enough of either birds or embroidery?

These triangles really intrigued me. The fabrics look vintage but
almost too nice to be that old, maybe a reproduction? And the skinny binding really looked modern to me.

 This was one of only a few portable machines we saw.  I have no idea of the make or model. It reminded me of a Singer #20 chain stitcher but once again, we chose to leave it behind.
Then,wandering an aisle, a card table caught my eye. It was loaded up with a cloth and nick-knacks, but I pulled back the cloth to take a peek. And bingo! it was there.
2015-07-28 13.26.58

The distinctive cut-out of a sewing machine inset. And the price? Holey Cow a whooping $192015-07-28 13.26.30 ! But wait, there was a sign on the booth stating everything was 75% off. That makes it less than $5. OMG
Start the car! We’ve got a steal here.

We contacted the checkout lady and completed the purchase, loaded it up and soon were back on the highway. Being the honest people we are, we did tell the lady what it was. (after paying for it). It wasn’t her booth so she wasn’t the one losing out but she was a quilter and now she’ll know what to look for. For some reason I thought this table was for a 301, mostly because it didn’t have the distinctive black edge that my Featherweight table has. It was in pretty bad shape, the top was warped and will need a fair bit of work. We spent the next couple of days telling everyone at the retreat that we had found a 301 table, ‘till Saturday night when we actually tried to fit my 301 into the opening. No go. It is a Featherweight table. 

Great, I already have one and mine is in better shape. I know hubby will not be keen to spend the time and effort refinishing this one just so I can have two tables for the same machine. Luckily, we tried this experiment in the retreat studio after class and one of my classmates has a multitude of Featherweights. She was more than happy to take it off my hands. for $5. Which I was more than happy to do. And promptly spent the money on fabric.


  1. Fascinating! I love to see the different sorts of items in antique malls in different parts of the world. We never see quilts in them here. And I've never seen a Featherweight table anywhere!

  2. After finding your blog Mary, I am happily reading past blogs!! I am very happy to that I LOVE my table and think of you and your husband at the retreat in Iowa. GREAT memories. Glad to hear that you spent the money on fabric!!! ;) Connie in Minnesota!!!

    1. Of course I spent it on fabric, that is my main weakness ( after coffee), lol