Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Quiltville Mystery Clue One

Well the big day is finally here, the most wonderful day of the year.  Black Friday, when Bonnie Hunter releases the first clue in the Quiltville Annual Mystery.  And since it isn’t the day after Thanksgiving here in Canada, I don’t have a whole bunch of family gathered around stuffed with turkey. But we did have a full day of errands planned in the city,  I had time to pull out my neutrals and cut some strips before we were off to run errands.
And I even had time later to sew and cut and sew again. But that was it for Friday, and Saturday wasn’t any less busy. We had a dinner party and bonfire with friends so all the fabric and machines spread over the dining table had to be tidied away. The cutting mat to the basement and the sewing machine to the bedroom, where I could continue to sew strips together over the next few days.
By Monday I had the grand total of ten four patches together and a bunch of strips to be ironed and sub-cut. And I didn’t want to post until I had more progress to show. However here it is WEDNESDAY ! and that is still all that is done. So here it is, and I’m linking up with Bonnie. Off to a tortoise-like start but the tortoise did finish well in the end and my quilt from last year is finished,.... almost,... well it just needs the border to be a top.
2016-11-30 11.29.09
well, this is awkward
Just went to link up and unable to. Apparently it is not taking late link up, the page says
"this InLinkz account has expired. You can still view the linkup here "

Guess I'm going to have to get my act together this year and post faster.
Went back today to read more post and found the link up and running so have linked


  1. Well you've made a good start, anyway. Hope you make it to the link-up next week!

    1. Thanks Vireya, it certainly will push me to get it done sooner

  2. Yes, Great start! liking your purple cutting mat!