Saturday, 8 September 2012

Traditons in the Family

Before I went on vacation this summer, my sister asked for one of my quilts for an exhibit that was coming up at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. It was to be on generations of womens handcrafts ( or something like that). I wasn't quite clear on the content except that she wanted a quilt I had done. Since most of what I do, I give away as gifts there wasn't much choice in what to lend her. Back in the 90's I had made a quilt and "given" it to my husband. It has hung on the wall ever since. So I took it down and delivered it to my sister while we were in Nova Scotia. The exhibit opened yesterday and here is a picture she sent me of our contribution. She says we were the only ones to have three generations of quilters , other exhibitors had three generations but had done other handcrafts.

oops, I tried to put labels on with pixlr and didn't go exactly where I wanted. The middle quilt was pieced by my mother and my older sister helped quilt it. The shawl draped over it was knitted by my youngest sister who is a knitting phenom and has even spun the wool for some of her projects.


  1. How lovely to have 3 generations of quilting on display :)

  2. That's fantastic Mary, and I really like your 'Storm at Sea' Wall hanging! In my fanily the quilt bug skipped 2 generations. My mom is a writer, her mom was a painter but grandma's ma was a quilter! I fell really lucky to have some of her quilts! But 3 generations of quilters is very cool I wish I could 'talk' quilting with my sister! cheers, Claire W.