Thursday, 20 September 2012

While pondering.

While thinking through the fairy fabric issue, I went back to working on Floribunda. This is one UFQ that has a deadline. I decided this would be a grad present for DD1 & she graduates Oct 27.

Darn, I must have flipped a row while assembling it and have two blocks with the same yellow abutting.  Just going to go with it now, not feeling the need to take it out and redo it.

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  1. i make a lot of scrappy quilts and always, always, always, someplace there is the same little scrap right next to another...i figure it's my signature now...and the spiral binding? yes the spine is cut off and they make sure the binding won't interfere with text in the book before they go ahead. this is the 4th time i've done this and it makes it so very easy to trace patterns..hope this helps!