Wednesday, 4 September 2013

A brief garden interlude

I took my coffee out to the back deck this morning, something I haven`t done in a long while. The conditions were perfect for sitting there enjoying a moment of tranquility amidst the chaos that is our mornings now.  As a bonus I now have a beautiful view of my hostas in bloom.


Yesterday was taken up by a trip into Toronto for a family funeral so no machine sewing but some time to hand sew hexies during the drive.

Only four hexies left to finish the blocks for Collaboration Celebration. Yippee ! Progress made.

And some pondering time. We have a friend getting married in October and DH asked if I would have time to do a quilt to give them. I have been undecided on the pattern to do. Last week I was sure I wanted to do the Rectangle Wrangle from Bonnie`s book, so cut up a bunch of 2.5 strips and started sewing.


This is the block I have finished so far. Singular, one block, in a week. And it needs many, many more ( I think 72).  While pondering this on my design wall, I noticed the box of Scrappy Trips blocks that I have been accumulating and thought, why not.

It is a bigger block and goes together much faster than this one is taking.



I have this many blocks done already which will speed things up. Just have to find something to do with all the 2.5``by 10`` strips I have already cut.


  1. Hey Mary, I've missed a couple of your blogs but looking back on them you have surely been busy! I like the black and white with pink flowers, very cute! And I think the scrapy trick blocks are perfect for a gift quilt! love the colors too! cheers, CW