Sunday, 8 September 2013

A Sunny Sunday

and very little quilting going on.  It was so gorgeous out today, we spent the whole afternoon in the backyard. We got a lot of necessary yard work done.

And our reward for this? Eight bags of yard waste ready for pick ugarbage1p tomorrow.



And a rose garden all weeded and mulched.



And if that wasn’t good enough for a day’s work.  The deck in front of the roses used to hold a wood-pile. Not any longer. Relocated to the side of the shed.



And lest you think the rose garden was weedy enough for all eight bags,




The cedar hedge received a trim on  three sides ( well, two sides and the top if you want to get picky)


So all of that is why the Princess quilt is still waiting for binding even though I finished quilting it yesterday. (when it was rainy and yucky outside).


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