Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Playing Catch-up

I have had the feeling for the past week that I am running behind and trying franticly to catch up.  I thought it might be because I had some quilts that were over-due for delivery.  There was one co-worker who was asking everyone when I would be working so she could get her quilt. Quilt finished and delivered, forgot to take a picture of it when finished. Here is is before binding is put on. . princesses1

 But even after I delivered it,  the feeling remained So I opened up my spreadsheet of quilts in progress and did some updating.  Sorted things around and added some that hadn’t gotten recorded. Then for fun I thought I’d sort by finished, date and total it up. Grand total: 17 quilts finished so far this year. DH says it should be more because I didn’t count the tops I sent to the Calgary drive but they were only pieced tops not quilted. And no drastically overdue requests or gifts.

So the unsettled feeling must be from the dinner party this coming weekend that I am so totally unprepared to host due to spending so much time sewing.  To help with this, I started putting the Scrappy Trips together.  And once it was off the wall, I put Easy Street up.










Much better. I can always clean house tomorrow, right?

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  1. Oh Mary, 17 is an impressive number! As usual I love the scrappy trippy thingy and I really love the colors in your Easy Street top, that's coming along nicely!
    Don't worry about the dinner party. Everyone always thinks they have to do something really special for dinner parties but I think everybody is usually just thrilled to be invited and treated to good company and the food etc. is secondary! cheers, CW