Monday, 2 September 2013

Nothing finished yet

It has been 3 weeks and some since I finished a quilt. Not that I haven’t been sewing but nothing is finishing.  I’m still working on the hexie portion of the Collaboration Celebration quilt. Using it as a hand-work project while we are traveling. To get familiar with my new Janome, I dug out a deep down UFO.


 I had these blocks a quarter done so finished the edge stitching with a simple satin stitch and explored the needle up, thread cutting a various features new to me. Next I’ll sandwich this and use it to try out the quilting abilities of the machine.

Then I went on to trying other stiches and finished tShdesfblckhe daisies on the Shades of Black quilt top. It is now ready to sandwich and quilt.






We also spent a day driving back to Hamilton to get the extension table. And considered taking the custom Janome table but decided this one we found at Costco is working well enough. The last thing I need here is more furniture. The house is still in disarray from DD2’s move. We’re working on fitting things in but it’s taking time.

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