Thursday, 26 September 2013

How to lose half a day without even trying hard..

Pintrest !!!.  That’s how.  It is always with good intentions, of course we know where they led.  I thought I’d just look for a few pictures of Double Irish Chain quilts to see if anyone had ever put a border on one.  Several hours later, the answer was “yes”. And at least a dozen ideas on how to do it.  Plus ideas for other quilts.

It’s a wonder I managed to get any sewing done. At least I got myself to my mani-pedi appointment on time.


And I got all the Easy ST blocks sewn into rows plus the first three rows sewn together.  And of course that means more pink blocks done.









One more row on this then I’ll border it.

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  1. ah yess, the joys of getting lost on the internet and loseing a half a day some where. Oh well, your easy street quilt looks fantastic. I hope you are keeping that one?! and the pink and white quilt is quite cute ! cheers, CW