Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Another Weekly Mystery Update

Here were are, another Monday update on the Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt. Linking up with Bonnie and all the other mystery quilters over at Quiltville
This working for a living has really cutting into my sewing time this weekend, so much so that here is is Tuesday before I could get to the computer and post.
I got about six of Unit three finished.new clue
And I wasn’t too happy with the amount of green I had to use.  So Monday I stopped at my the local Value Village.  They had a 50% sale on and I found 4 light green shirts and a couple yards of green fabric to add in. 2014-12-16 005 Much happier with the strip sets now.

2014-12-16 006And speaking of strip sets, a second Bargello strip set got finished. More work on it since it is less intense to sew after a day of work. Definitely less thinking involved.