Monday, 1 December 2014

Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt : Week1

I’m so excited to be starting a new Mystery Quilt.  This will be my fourth and I have already made myself firm resolutions to keep up with the clues and most of all get things cut. Also to have fun because that is the important part of quilting, it should be fun. It is definitely fun to link up on Monday and see the progress everyone has made, their fabrics and even unique colour choices. So check them all out over at Quiltville.
My progress was totally turtley this weekend. Yes, spell check doesn’t recognize that word either, guess it must be made up, but it describes what my sewing was like perfectly. Life got in the way.  Starting with a staff party Friday night, reached the heights on Saturday with hours spent at Costco negotiating a new cell phone, then ended Sunday with a gorgeous +16C day, perfect for being outside doing yard work.
Excuses out of the way, here is what I did get done in between all that.
2014-11-30 006
GIMQ bkndish

I’ve cut about 150 HST pairs and about 20 squares  of blacks and yellows. Plus put together two blocks to test the cutting and sewing. Everything is matching up the way it should.  And I did some more on  Ring Around the Hexies. It went together faster than I thought, turns out I didn’t have as much left to cut as I imagined.
That’s my progress, now to see what  all the other mystery quilters have been up to.


  1. Isn't it fun to be doing a mystery again with people from all round the world?

    I really can't imagine that -16 is a good day to be outside! That's way colder than anything I've ever experienced.

  2. OOPPS! I need new glasses - I just realised that isn't a minus sign. Yes, +16 would be a lovely day to be outside!

    1. LOL, I had just logged on to correct it, thinking that I had put a minus sign by mistake. Yes it was a lovely day,even tho it was cloudy, we had a good time raking.