Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Mystery Quilt Sidelined

My progress on the Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt became seriously sidelined.  Carrying the analogy further, if it was a train, it would be off the rails.
desk mess
Somewhere under all that fabric are the pieces for Clue 2.  A cutting frenzy has been taking place.
It happened so innocently. DH happened to mention the other night, that as much as he likes Celtic Solstice, it is too small for our bed. And while he likes the pattern very much, what he really craves is one of the “adult I Spys”.  Translation of that cryptic phrase he means the Scrappy Bargello.  That was the first pattern of Bonnies I attempted, trying in vain to tame the piles of fabric I had been gifted by my well meaning sister. Four years later, I have even more fabric, excessively more fabric, but no bargello quilt.  I did finish it, but then gifted it to my brother in law and his new wife.
So what he wants is a SB made with all the novelty fabrics he has encouraged me to buy.  As he was explaining this, my enthusiasm took over and I immediately attacked the piles of fabric with my Accuquilt Go and the 2.5” strip die. The mess on the desk is the result of that attack. The only fabric that was spared the cut was the basket for GIMQ.
bargello strip
  One strip done, 5 more to go.
Please excuse the quality of the photos, these were downloads from my phone. My camera is lost somewhere in all the fabric, I think. I know I had it here Monday.

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  1. I love novelty fabrics! They always tempt me and that scrappy i spy is the perfect application! Especially if you're making a King size!! Have fun! cheers