Saturday, 6 October 2012

A Day at the Craft Fair

Today DH and I did something totally unusual and went to a fall craft fair. This is a pretty big one, held annually on Thanksgiving weekend and is really three fairs pretty close together. We had a wonderful time and some great finds.


The booths went on and on it seemed like forever, the whole town was covered in vendors. The rain held off, but it did get quite chilly when the sun ducked behind the clouds.  One of our finds was a friend, with a booth selling his wood turned bowls and stuff. And the biggest one was from our ash tree, we had gifted him a large burl when it was taken down and this is what he made from it.

The fall colours had really popped out, too bad I didn't get a picture until we were on the highway.

Our best find of the day came at the very begining.  While driving into the town where the fair was taking place, lots of people were taking advantage of the traffic to have yards sales. And at one sale, sitting under a saddle in the back we spotted this. DH did a wonderful job of turning around and getting back there once we realized what we had seen. And he even talked her down $10 since it didn't have a machine. But I do have a 1920's Singer that we think will work just fine in here once we get it cleaned up.
All in all a great day.  


  1. Looks like a fun day, and the sewing table is awesome.

  2. It is. The trick is going to be refinishing it, and modifying it to take the selected sewing machine.

    The table is a Standard while the machine is a Singer and they have different hinge pin set ups

  3. Hey Mary, What a great outing and what great finds! That ash burl is beautiful. And the treadle cabinet is fantastic! I am very nostalgic about treadles. I learned to sew on my Great Grandma's treadle machine. I still have it. The cabinet needs refinishing (I have not found a finisher I can trust ) I did have the machine serviced. It sews great! The Fall colors are great. One thing I miss about where we live (coastal California) the Fall colors are pretty subtle. Oh well, can't have everything! cheers, CW

  4. a beautiful vintage find! be sure and show it again when the machine is in...