Sunday, 21 October 2012

Finally finished

Two weeks of focusing only on the floibunda quilt have paid off. I have it finished two whole days before we hop in the van to head east. Since a recurring theme in my quilt giving has been to be still sewing the binding on the way to delivering them, this is a marvelous milestone. Now I even have time to kit up some hand sewing for the trip.
Here it is:


  1. Looks good, anyone would love to recive it.

  2. You have to replace these pics - they are too blurry

  3. Oh Mary, That is a really stiking quilt! And finished ahead of schedule! Good for you! Who is the lucky recipient? Some how I missed that part? Have fun on your road trip! cheers, CW

    1. This one is going to DD#1 in honour of her graduation, which we are driving to in Nova Scotia this weekend. I haven't been broadcasting that fact on line incase she reads this.