Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Swagging along

A day of steady quilting has the hearts and scribbles done. Plus three border rows, two straight lines and one zig. Just started on the swag.
Since today is Try it on Tuesday over at Jo's, I'm linking up.  Today I've been trying new ways to free motion quilt on my Floribunda quilt. I've always used chalk, mostly in the roller. Tried the pounce the other day and maybe didn't have enough holes because it didn't show up very well.  I found a border quilting design in Mary Covey's book of Civil War designs and she mentions using tracing paper to transfer the pattern. So I dug out an old dress pattern and copied the design on it. It was easier than I thought it would be and I cut and taped pieces together to get the whole length and make sure the repeat ended at the right place, which I'm sure wouldn't have happened if I was just winging it. My phone invariably posts pictures sideways, but here you can see the paper pinned to the edge and the sewing lines going through it. Definately going to keep this idea around.



  1. The living room looks like a swear shop
    Sewing machines up with piles of fabric in front
    And it's just you...going between them

  2. Sweat shop!!! Damn auto word correction / chooser

  3. Sweat shop!!! Damn auto word correction / chooser