Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Fairies are here!

The Fairy Fabric I ordered arrived today, a rather speedy delivery if I do say so. It only took two weeks, that is nothing for an order from the states. ( I think the customs guys at Canada Post sit around trying to guess the colour of the fabric through their x-ray machines, that's what takes so long).  However, I am being firm with myself and insisting that I finish at least one on-going project before I cut into the new fabric.  The piano keys for the Floribunda are in the lead for the moment, but while searching through all the boxes my fabric is stored in during the great  paint and move adventure, I found the sashing for two other projects and got them up and running.
So here is what I've gotten done so far today:

Hopscotch With Braid border
Piano keys
 In Bonnie's book "Leaders and Enders" Hopscotch is shown with a piano key border, however I am already doing one for Floribunda, so I decided to try the Texas braid border. The one I did for the Scrappy Bargello, used 2.5" wide rectangles but the braid pattern in Leaders uses 2" plus the red cornerstone.  This is all the sashing I have found so far for the Crayon Box quilt. I so hope the painting and moving is done soon, having everything either boxed up or spread around the house is driving me bonkers
Crayon Box with sashing started
Faries, uncut



  1. Florabunda needs to stay in the lead.. It has an appointment to keep

  2. I like all 3 of those projects. The crayon box has such happy color scheme! I love that Fairy Fabric. I got some with similar art work in a panel. I made it into a Bar quilt. I love that 1920's children's book illustration artwork look. cheers, CW