Sunday, 4 November 2012

Back to normal, whatever that is...

After a day of work and a day of housework, I am ready for some sewing time. However before we left on our adventure, DH and I moved as much of my sewing as we could into what will be my new sewing room (previously my DS's bedroom). Therefore in order to do any sewing I have to spend some time organizing the room and the fabric. So that is my goal for today, get this room whipped into shape and maybe attach some fabric to some other fabric.
Here is the before picture, or at least after a half hour of moving and sorting. And yes I know the fabric on the shelf with the sun shinning on it is not a very good idea. The idea is for the shelf to be in the closet on the other side of the room, now occupied by clothes that didn't get moved yet.
Yikes, I better get working, that is a mess.

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  1. I like space planning, but the mechanics of it are always a challenge! I think it also takes a certain amount of living in / trying things out before final floor plans. I'm still working on that and I've had my sewing room for...Yikes 14 years. Time flys when your having fun! Have fun!! cheers,CW