Sunday, 18 November 2012

Cutting Shirts

Haven't been sewing for the past few days. Instead I have been focusing on cutting the box of shirt backs I bought. I've set up a cutting station on the corner of my featherweight table and after a few hiccups have an efficient system worked out. The hiccups were minor; finding my 9.5" square ruler (that exercise ended with me refolding and stacking all the fabric on the shelf then finding it somewhere else altogether) and dropping my rotary cutter. I didn't cut my foot but I did bend the blade. Only to discover it was the last blade in the house, necessitating a trip for more.
Each shirt back is providing at least two 8.5' square for the Scrappy Mountain Majesties block, a 2.5" , a 2" and a 1.5" strip, some strings for the bin and some chunks for the scrap basket. Whatever is left after I cut those, I'm putting back in the red basket for later consideration.
String bin, 2.5" , 2", 8.5", 1.5"
Already it looks like I'm going to have to get a bigger container for the 2" strips.


  1. Cool!!! I want to learn more!!! Love it….

  2. bonnie really started a movement with shirt cutting! wish i could get them cheap at the local thrift, but usually can't...