Sunday, 11 November 2012

Donation Quilt

For the past week, when I haven't been working at the nursing home I've been working on a couple of quilts to donate to the Sandy relief efforts. I figured the fasted way to get one done and in the mail was to use one of the panels I have in the stash. And to speed it up even more I backed it with some flannel that my FIL had given me a while back. Thus no piecing, just quilting. Here is the second one done, I was really pleased with the free motion quilting on this. I outlined all around the dinos, the tree , moon and stars using an invisible thread.
Then I found a fabric for the border that had dinos on it also. All done and labeled. Feeling so proud of my work, I went to the website of the group asking for kid quilts and found in the list of requirements that mono-filament thread not be used. Dang. Basic 101 lesson - always read through the whole instructions before begining the exam.
But those stars are so awesome...
who could resist.

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