Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Tuesday Try IT

Today is Try it on Tuesday over at Jo's joscountryjunction.com.  And I had something in mind to do but it took all day to get to it.  Mostly because it required some help from DH and he was quite busy at work today, not about to drop everything and come running.

Some time ago I watched a Youtube video by a quilter where she showed how she basted her quilts on her wall.  It stuck in my mind. I can't always take over the dining room table (well actually I can but I shouldn't) and leaning over the table is a pain.
So I got DH to dig out an old cardboard box we had put aside, a huge box - this was the new tub surround we installed two years ago. He cut it down and taped it  for me and we propped it up in the upstairs hallway

 Straight pins holding the back to the cardboard while we size the batting.
(DH is trying to get out of the picture and still hold the fabric)
And the crayon box is basted
 The duct tape in the centre is like a hinge and it can fold up so we can carry it back to the garage until needed again.

Ta Da ! A Basting Wall.


  1. Such a GREAT idea, I love it! I saw you mention being from Nova Scotia originally. My husband and I visited there (and PEI) a little over a year ago; it was one of the most amazing trips ever. I felt a kinship to the people there, one that defied logic. I came home and did some research, knowing that my grandmother's parents (their name was Doucette)were from NS. It turns out that they were from Meteghan River; now that I know that I want to go back and visit the cemetery there. What a gorgeous place!!

  2. I never thought about using cardboard for the backing to baste the quilts on. Thanks for sharing and I will be on the lookout for large pieces of cardboard to make my own basting wall.
    I got here from Jo's link.