Tuesday, 13 November 2012

It's Tuesday

So if it is Tuesday, it is "Try It" day over at Jo's http://www.joscountryjunction.com .
 Boy, am I excited. I have expanded my horizons, thought outside the box, all that cliche stuff.

Therefore I have something to share. It started with the call for quilt donations for Sandy relief efforts.  I really wanted to do something but what. Timing is important, they need them now. So what would be fastest? One of the many panels I have in the stash. Quickest backing? My sister swears by flannel, not something I've done before. However my dear FIL had gifted me with several yards of the sweetest yellow flannel some time back. So here it is:
And my sis is right, it is so soft you don't want to let it go.  Somehow I had the idea it would be difficult to work with but it wasn't, and having to vacuum the sewing machine afterwards isn't that big a deal.

Another trial of a new to me technique: invisible thread. I didn't want the quilting on the dinosaur panel to detract from the cuteness of the Dino's so I found a spool of invisible thread (also in the stash) and tried that out.
Dinos outlined

The third item I tried was not a smashing success, at least I don't think so. In order to speed thing up a bit, I tried the none binding edge, pillowcase style, envelope whatever it is called. Where you sew the edges of the top and backing right sides together with the batting then turn them right sides out like a pillowcase.

It was fast, but I wasn't sure how much quilting I could do with the edges already sewn and it is more like a comforter than a quilt.
So that's what I've tried out. And now that these are done and boxed to mail out, my reward is here.
The box of shirt backs from the yard sale last Saturday is here already.  The only thing keeping me from digging through it right now is writing this post.
 Hey, I'm outta here, there's fabric calling me.


  1. That quilt will make some child really happy and warm. I was gifted some flannel shirts and I can't wait to take them apart and start sewing with the 'new' fabric. I was going to use some of the backs as backing, making a warm quilt. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey Mary, I like quick turned finishes for donation quilts too. And I love flannel backings! Soft to the touch and they don't slide off the bed as easily! What do you have planned for the shirt backs??? Sounds like fun! cheers, CW