Friday, 23 November 2012

Working the UFO pile

Finally after a week of work that seemed to never end, I had a day to focus on sewing.  My main goal was to get a work in progress finished. After all the cutting I'd been doing I wanted to just sew. The closest to a finish is the Crayon Box that has been languishing for months. The last hurdle was the border, I just couldn't decide what to do. So I grabbed a sold blue and hacked off 2.5 stips and slapped them on.

For the back I cut up more 10.5 square of all sorts of boy fabrics. I was trying for a sort of light /dark effect but messed it up somewhere betweent the layout and sewing machine. As my leaders and enders I was piecing this new project I cut out the other day. Another Story-time star with some new batiks I ordered from Keepsake. There are alot brighter colours than I had when I did this pattern in spring. And this time I am piecing the checkerboard sashing.
But all this ground to a halt when I bent my needle on a pin and tried to replace it. The featherweight can be a great machine but then can turn on me and get really fusy when I change anything.  It can take ages to get it back to running right.  So... I just pulled out another machine and kept on sewing.


  1. That's perseverance! ;) I love, love, love, the Crayon Box pattern and have used Bonnie Hunter's idea of 10" squares for backing before too; sew clever! I love your projects!

  2. love that little boy quilt and those checkerboard sashings? perfect! thanks for your comments on my blog as well. the awful truth is i came back from PA with about 40 yards at good prices but still it's 40 yards. and i haven't quite totaled my year's quilty purchases but a lot more than i would have hoped i'm sure. but oh, i would have loved to have those cherrywood solid scraps...